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Netus et malesuada fames ac. Eget gravida cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis.


Ceramiche Cosmolena

Ceramiche Cosmolena, a family tradition.

Cosmolena is simply our story, it is the story of Cosmo and Maddalena: love, passion and dedication.

We are the ones who today carry on that dream that began long ago between sacrifice and hope, which became the splendid Cosmolena reality.

Cosmolena is the pride of an idea, one that took shape over sixty years ago: Cosmo di Palma and Maddalena Donatantonio, young and in love, start working ceramics at a very young age by opening a small shop in Via San Francesco. Their creativity and boundless love for art and ceramics will lead them to new challenges, will push them to believe ever stronger in that adventures that will transform over the years by opening the doors of four sales points in the Ravello area.

For our family, ceramics represent the expression of beauty, the intensity of forms and the immensity of colours. Recognisable in the details, in the nuances and smiles: what is generated between Cosmolena and its customers is strength and daily pride.

The happiness of Cosmolena is constantly evolving and lives today through the eyes of the children and grandchildren of Cosmo and Maddalena, in the sign of a future that embraces forever the past in the continuity of new successes and infinite goals.

Every customer brings with them history, memory and trust. Take away some of us and become part of our big family.